Thursday, March 6, 2008

And how the year Marches on

So, it is the sixth of march 2008. Exactly 66 days into the year and 300 days to the end. Exactly 65 days since I sat down at the family dinner table for my family's annual new year meeting. Two years ago my father started this dreadful tradition of getting the family together every first of the year to present our New Year's Resolutions. I think it was a desperate move on his part to get our family back on the road to being winners and great achievers. He believed that his incredibly talented children were going to waste, getting older and lazier by the day. The first meeting went well, we had the meeting followed by a sumptuous dinner he catered. We set unbelievable goals with all the excitement and good will of the New Year. I being the most ambitious of all. So twelve months later half a painting out of twelve, a third of a screenplay and fifteen pounds heavier I sat at the 2006 New Year meeting demoralized. I was visibly aggravated by the process of making new goals. I made more reasonable goals. Quit my job at the clothing department store where I was working at the time and go back to school and finish my degree. Well I managed that one. Fast forward to New Year Meeting 2008. Having not learned from the past, I made a commitment to make $5000 by selling my clothes. I figured that if I made a garment a day, 365 garments a year and sold them for at least $20 each it would work. Insane I know. Well it's exactly 66 days into the year and 300 days to go before I have to account for this goal. So far I have designed 2 garments and made $50.

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